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In November the Un-thinkable happened to my friends and their family, they lost their precious little girl  to a rare form of Meningitis, Meningococcal type W. 

Please read Lily T's Story below.  


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“I rang 111 and described all Lily’s symptoms and was told she didn’t need to see a doctor for 12 hours."

“I managed to get her into the same day health centre at 11am, only to be told she had a sickness bug and to go home - even though her temperature was still above 39 - and to only give her Calpol and no ibroprofen."

“By 3pm the same day her lips and hands had gone blue and she was unresponsive."

“While on the phone to the ambulance I noticed she had started to get a mottled rash and by the time the ambulance got to us Lily could hardly breathe for herself."

“She was rushed straight into resuscitation at Doncaster Hospital. In the time we were there she had two blood transfusions and went into cardiac arrest six times before they told me they could do no more to save my baby."

“It wasn’t until right at the end that Lily developed the rash."

“Losing my daughter has broken my heart. She had no common signs and I knew very little about this disease. She had got meningitis meningococcal type w and septicaemia."

“My little Lily was just 10 months old and she had all of her life ahead of her. Losing her has left a massive hole in all my family’s lives. She was such a happy, perfect little girl."

“I will never forget my princess. I wish we’d caught this in time to save her.”

Thanks you for reading.